Дорогие друзья!
Мы рады сообщить Вам, что у нас готов развернутый видеоблог по скольжению😉 Мы знаем, что очень многие ждали эту ценную информацию от тренера Сборной команды России Максима Завозина @m_a_x_i_m И теперь мы готовы поделиться с Вами знаниями , и активно консультировать Вас в этом вопросе в дальнейшем.
Dear friends,
We are happy to inform you that we have a developed a skating skills video blog! Many people have been waiting on an insight from Maxim Zavozin, a coach of the Russian National Team, and now we are ready to share our knowledge and actively advise you in this direction
Upon analyzing many of the videos that have been sent to us and working with athletes from all over the world, it became clear that the majority of them lack understanding of basic skating skills. Respectively, in order to improve the quality of skating, the child must learn to be able to control their body to further understand and study the more complex moves in skating. It is necessary to study our basic exercises, tips, and tricks which include the following:
📍Correction of the pelvis position during the push.
📍Correction of the knee operation.
📍Correction of the ankle operation.

Within our special complex of moves, there is a simple shoulder exercise. It is absolutely necessary to perfectly understand it for the further study of simple and complex turns/steps: such as three-turns, rockers, counter-rockers, etc.
The correct execution of these basic exercises will also help in the execution of jumps and spins, as the athlete must learn to feel, and correctly transfer their weight to the supporting leg during the performance of a particular element/move in figure skating.
The video blog is very accessible and deployed with written comments, as well as a voice over. All the most common errors in a given basic exercise have been disassembled to give you valuable insight into their correct execution. The video is suitable for both coaches and parents who want to help their children master basic skating skills, and for those who want a better general sense of figure skating

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