What age can my child start training?

You can enroll your child on the beginner group from the age of 3. If your child is 5-6 or even 7 years old and he/she has never skated before this will not be a problem. We will teach him/her all the basic elements in the beginner group and then make a transfer to junior sport group.

How do I choose the right group?


This group is right for you if you want to take figure skating seriously and build a competitive career. Our school has all the necessary conditions for learning, training and all kinds of protection in the figure skating world.

  • Students of senior group have no less than 12 training days per month and have  obligatory additional individual classes on ice with the coach.
  • Students have a chance to train with the top rank specialists (Spiridonov, Zavozina/Zavozin)
  • Take part in competitions and are guided by our coaches on all stages, receive assistance in getting athletic titles
  • Have patronage in competitive career
  • Have priority and discounts in Training Camps with coaches of Olympic champions


This group is right for you if you and your child enjoy ice-skating, prepare programmes and participate in competitions. Your time and resources can afford such kind of sport. You’re still not sure whether you child wants to develop in this field.

  • Students have no less than 8 training days per month, have individual additional individual classes on ice with the coach.
  • Prepare and take part in competitions
  • Receive assistance in getting first junior title


This group is right for you if you enjoy figure skating and you would like your child to try it out.

  • You care for your child’s health and physical growth, not Olympic medals.
  • You want to teach your child some basic figure skating skills

How does a usual class look like?

Classes at the school of Figure Skating League are complex and last for 2.5 hours.

What does a usual class consist of?

  • Warm-up – 15 mins
  • Ice training – 1 hour
  • Break/Changing of clothes – 15 mins
  • Indoor training – 1 hour
  • Sport group has 1.5 hours training on ice and 2 hours of indoor training. See detailed schedule in “Schedule” section.

All three groups have ice trainings at the same time. Each group has its own coach or two. The size of the rink and small groups allow this perfectly well. This doesn’t undermine the training efficiency. Same applies to the indoor trainings.

We advise to be in class 15 mins before the scheduled training starts

What do I need for the training?


  • Ice skates
  • Jumping rope
  • Foam mat


  • Warm thermal clothes for ice training
  • Sports form and sneakers for general physical training and special physical training
  • Athletic body for girls and shorts/sleeveless sports shirt for boys, gymnastics shoes for jazz-class and choreography


  • Statement of good health from your pediatrician
  • Sports insurance covering the whole training period

How do I pay?

You can pay for your membership in several ways:

  • Via any online bank using the bank details of the school
  • In any bank branch using payment request. In this case please ask the manager to send you one

Payment regulations

Before the 25th of each month the membership for the following months is sold with a 5% discount from the initial fixed price..

Between 26th and 5th of each month inclusive the membership is sold at full fixed price.

After 5th of each month the membership cannot be bought, only one-time fees are available

What shall I do if my child got sick and missed a class?

Come and renew the missed classes. Classes can be renewed as follows:

  • If the membership is still valid, then you can attend the missed classes in any school branch until its expiry date.
  • If the membership has expired, you need to purchase another one for the following month. You can attend the missed classes along with the regular ones in the coming month. 
  • No money will be refunded according to the terms of the agreement.

We do our best to accommodate all requests, but the agreement is the agreement. Other schools do not compensate for the missed classes even if you’ve been on an official sick leave.

Can I leave while my child is in a class?

If you need to leave while your child is attending the class or you’re running late, just let us know about it. We’ll help your child to get changed, accompany them to the ice rink or training room, and will wait for your return together.

If you feel like-minded in our approach, we’re looking forward to seeing you in our classes.

Do you form groups throughout the year?

Yes, you can join anytime. 

I fear that newcomers will have an impact on the existing group, will this be a problem? Or will my child blend well into the group if he/she joins later?

There’s no need for concern. Each group has two coaches. For example, beginner group looks like that:

Children who have already learnt to skate, continue to gain new skills. Newcomers are being taught by a separate coach, they usually catch up after 5-8 classes and are then transferred to the primary group. This approach helps to maintain the overall process and has a positive impact on the learning development of the basic skating skills. Another added benefit is that the newcomers don’t stress out about the new group. They have time to adapt and learn new skills.

Same applies to the sport groups.

Do you hold qualification contests?

Yes, starting from season 2019/2020 Figure Skating League has been included in the Register of Physical Culture and Health Organizations. This means that we are now able to hold competitions and award children with athletic categories.

We have also received authorization to hold qualification contest “Buyuanova Cup” and will make it annually starting from March 2020. So you will now have a chance to get an athletic categories as well as be reviewed by the best known figure skating coach.

Where do I buy skates and training uniform?

You can purchase training uniform in our Figure Skating League official online shop httlp:// All our students have a 20% discount on clothing and accessories. 

We recommend purchasing ice skates in the oldest shop for figure skating – They’ll help you choose the right model as well as get them sharpened professionally.