Summer Camp in Sochi, Russia, June 17- July 5 th 2019

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This camp will feature the top specialists from the Central Red Army Club figure skating school in Moscow, you will also have the privilege of sharing the ice with some of the top tier Russian skaters. Organizer of the camp «League of Figure Skating».

Our Coaching Team:

Buyanova Elena Germanovna

Coach of honor of the Russian Federation, head of the «Central Army Sports Club» Olympic reserve sports school named after Zhuk, coach of the first Russian Olympic champion – Adelina Sotnikova, leading specialist and head coach of the summer camp held in Italy and organized by the «League of Figure Skating».

Maxim Zavozin

Russian National team coach, junior World Champion, Four Continents silver medalist, Olympian, and 3-time Hungarian National Champion. Qualified as Master of Sport of International level.

Selitskaya Marina Leonidovna

Head coach of the Central Red Army Club figure skating school in Moscow, qualified top-level coach.

Tagaeva Irina Anvarovna

Choreographer of 2014 Olympic Champion Adelina Sotnikova, coach and choreographer of the Central Red Army Club figure skating school in Moscow.

Uspenskiy Aleksandr

Russian National team coach, master of sports, specialist of the Central Red Army Club figure skating school in Moscow.

Petrova Evgeniya Eduardovna

Off-ice conditioning coach of many top-tier Russian skaters as well as 2014 Olympic Champion Adelina Sotnikova.

This summer camp ran by the head-figure of the public regional organization under the name of «League of Figure Skating» Vilena Zavozina.

Camp Programme:

* Skating skill classes on ice 60 minutes.
* Jumping technique classes on-ice 60 minutes.
* Ballet and stretching classes 60 minutes.
* Off ice conditioning 60 minutes
* Total of 240 minutes. (4 Hours of group classes a day.)
Groups will be split between the skating and skill levels of skaters by the organizing team and coaches.

This summer camp will focus on helping athletes achieve multiple-revolution jumps for the advanced level, and helping the younger skaters perform correct jumping techniques on ice as well as off-ice. The skaters will also be taught advanced skating skills technique.
Modern ballet classes will be ran by our experienced choreographer Tagaeva Irina.
Extra one-on-one and mini-group private lessons are available to everyone on top of the core group training sessions everyday. These lessons can also cover the creation and choreography of step sequences.
Coaches that arrive with their skaters are allowed onto the ice during the sessions. Non-formal consultation sessions with the top specialists of the Central Red Army Club figure skating school will also be setup for coaches.


* The summer camp will be held in Sochi, Russia, starting on the 17th of June and ending on the 5th of July. (2 days off) , starting on 17th of June and ending on 30th of June (1 day off) and starting on the 24th of June and ending on the 5th of July (1 day off).
* Dates of arrival are the 16th and 23rd of June.
* Date of departure is the 5 of July.
* The schedule will be formed into 3 day blocks consisting of 2 training days (training time in the first and second half of the day including a break in between), then 1 training day with all practices in the first half of the day. There will be one day off in each block.


The price of the summer camp varies depending on how late/early you pay for your spot and the amount of training days you reserve.

For the 2 week camp reservation (June 17th – June 30 or June 24 – July 5th) the prices are as follows:
* Full payment by March 10th 1,600 euro
* Full payment by April 1st 1,700 euro
* Full payment after April 1st 1800 euro
* If you wish to reserve less than 10 days, it will come out to 180 euro per training day.

For the 3 week camp reservation (June 17th – July 5th) the prices are as follows:
* Full payment by March 10th 2000 euro
* Full payment by April 1st 2200 euro
* Full payment after April 1st 2300 euro
* If you wish to reserve less than 12 days, it will come out to 180 euro per training day.


will be at the “Grand Hotel Polyana” 5* it is a walking distance from the rink, but if needed a golf car can be arranged to give a ride to the rink.

Group price:
Double room: 9290₽ including breakfast and dinner ( lunch payed separately 1650). The price for the room also includes the use of swimming pool, sauna, fitness club. Kids younger then 4 years of age are free. Kids 5-11 get a 50% discount. Kids older than 11 pay full price.

Sport price:
Double room: 5100₽ ( breakfast, lunch and dinner payed separately- 2300₽ )

“Hotel Polyana” 1389 and spa ( you have to take cable car down to the rink) 15 minutes ride which is included in the hotel price.

Group price:

Double room 8400₽
Apartment ( for 3 people) 10320₽
Family apartment ( 4 people) 14720₽

Prices include breakfast and dinner. Lunch in payed separately. 1650₽ per person.

Hotel “Kristal” is the walking distance from the rink.

The cost per person is 2500₽ in the double and triple rooms including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

1. The skaters applying for the advanced level group must be able to perform 2-3 triples, 2A) The group will be coached by Elena Buianova and the skaters will be selected by video only.
2. The skaters applying for the middle level group must be able to perform all doubles and 2+2 combinations)
3. The skaters applying for the lower level group must be able to perform all single jumps

If the level of children differs from the declared one, the children are delegated to the group at the discretion of the trainers for achieving the best result.

We only have space for a few groups consisting of 10-12 people.
The lower level group will only allow for 13-15 skaters.

Your spot at the camp will only be reserved upon us receveiving payment in full. A contract of participation and an accommodation contract are sent to your address, which must be signed, scanned and sent to the post office.

When reserving your spot, please make sure you include the following information:

* First and last name of the athlete, date of birth, and skating level.(e.g. Intermediate, novice, junior.)
* Your home town.
* The athletes height in cm.
* A telephone number and email you will be easily contacted by.
* Number of people staying/chaperoning the athlete.
* Dates of arrival and departure.

Documents required

* Medical document signed by a sports doctor allowing the athlete to train.
* Insurance.
* Copy of passport and birth certificate.

If you have any questions, feel free to call:

+7 (499) 391-16-22 & +7-925-795-40-29 ( WhatsApp , Vilena Vladimirovna Summer camp organizer and head of the «League of Figure Skating» organization.),

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All participants will receive memorable gifts and diplomas of participation.
Hope to see you soon!
Sincerely, The «League of Figure Skating» administration team.